What is Combined Heat & Power (CHP) or “cogeneration”?
Combined Heat and Power (or CHP) is the efficient simultaneous production of electricity and hot water using natural gas to reduce energy costs.
How does CHP or cogeneration work?
Using a cogeneration system specifically designed to recover and recycle the heat. That captive heat is then purposefully used to serve the hot water needs of a facility or building.
Does CHP replace an existing boiler system?
No. CHP is designed to work in conjunction with existing boilers, in most cases reducing the stress on boilers and extending their lifespans.
How much can I save with CHP?
<Higher electric rates yield the best cost savings. A typical CHP system will pay for itself over the course of about 2.5 – 4.5 years.
How long do CHP systems last?
CHP modules installed by CIS more than 30 years ago are still in operation today, and continue to serve the economic, environmental and efficiency needs of many of our customers.
Why install a CHP system?
CHP systems are typically installed to provide thermal supply with electricity as an ancillary output providing economic benefit to overall electricity purchase.
What types of businesses install a CHP?
Typically, CHP modules are found to be most cost-effective when used in large commercial spaces, such as hotels, colleges, hospitals, apartment buildings, nursing homes, and so on.

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